ONDUVILLA Installation: Year-Round in any Climate

ONDUVILLA was developed to provide attractive roofing for residential homes while outperforming traditional shingles in wind resistance and durability. Without the weight or installation challenges of traditional shingles, ONDUVILLA also excels in its ease of installation.

At 90 pounds per square, ONDUVILLA shingles weigh less than half of traditional shingles. Roofers moving the material around are less fatigued at the end of the day and are less likely to make costly mistakes. “They’re amazed at how light ONDUVILLA is. That’s the first thing anyone says,” notes Buddy Pullen, National Technical Manager for Onduline North America, who trains roofers on how to install ONDUVILLA.

Likewise, roofers installing ONDUVILLA can cover more area with less effort. One ONDUVILLA shingle is the equivalent to two standard shingles and requires only 150 fasteners per square. Standard shingles use 330 or more nails per square.

ONDUVILLA is also easy to lay out, with no starter strips or pieces. Starting at the bottom, roofers can set the first row of shingles and lay out the rest of the roof, adding a row every 12.5 inches. There’s no need for vertical layout lines.

ONDUVILLA is also safer to work with than traditional shingles. ONDUVILLA shingles have a textured solid surface, so there’s no surface aggregate on which to slip or scrape knuckles, knees and elbows.

Because ONDUVILLA goes on just like traditional shingles, the installation tools and concepts are already in common use. No special tools are needed. ONDUVILLA can be installed year-round in any climate without affecting the integrity of the material or the warranty. Another plus: ONDUVILLA can be installed over a single layer of traditional shingles, saving disposal fees.

The ONDUVILLA installation instructions are available in PDF format for download.