What we Learned at 15 Different Trade Shows

We’ve had a busy couple of months, attending more than 15 trade shows across the country – including some big ones like the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas. It’s always nice to get out and talk to roofing contractors about what they need and to learn about some of the trends impacting the roofing industry. Rather than keep that information to ourselves, we wanted to share some of the things we saw and heard, so below we’ve broken out some of the key things we learned on the road.

Contractors still want something new

Beyond asphalt shingles, affordable and trustworthy alternatives have been simply non-existent, which hasn’t made contractors’ lives easier. Customers like choices, and if their customers couldn’t afford slate or tile, the only question to really ask was: “What color of asphalt shingle do you like?”

We developed ONDUVILLA for this very reason. Our third-party research told us homeowners and roofing contractors are hungry for colorful, distinctive roofing options over the asphalt shingles that don’t leap up in cost like terra cotta or slate. And this was again affirmed at every trade show, as we consistently heard how few options there are in the marketplace. Roofing contractors want something new to offer clients at the price point the vast majority of homeowners are able to afford. Onduvilla is emerging as the roofing system that will fill the void.

New technologies

When we weren’t talking to people about our roofing solutions, we took some time to learn about the other emerging roofing technologies poised to make a big impact. One that caught our attention has the potential to dramatically simplify roof measurements. Most people have used Google Maps to zoom in on their home, but EagleView Technologies has taken that a step further. Using aerial satellite images of people’s homes, they can measure the dimensions of a roof and give cost estimates for a reroof.

Small-scale projects becoming a big deal

Big roofing projects weren’t the only thing catching people’s interest. On the other end of the roofing spectrum, small-scale projects are becoming increasingly popular – specifically tiny houses. The tiny house movement has gained momentum in recent years, and that community is very excited about the advantages of ONDUVILLA.