ONDUVILLA Frequently Asked Questions

  • questionWhat is ONDUVILLA®?
    ONDUVILLA is made from a composite of asphalt with a cellulose fiber matte core. This lightweight composite technology has been used by Onduline in other roofing materials with outstanding results for the past 70 years. The colored coating on ONDUVILLA, which is based on decades of research and testing, delivers another layer of protection.
  • questionWhy should I have it installed in the place of shingles?
    • ONDUVILLA can be installed in any temperature and still have its full wind warranty, which at 150 mph is the best in the roofing industry for residential materials.
    • The functional life of ONDUVILLA is in line with the best shingles on the market.
    • ONDUVILLA provides true depth and style that shingles can only attempt to imitate.
  • questionCan ONDUVILLA® be installed in severe hot and cold climates?
    ONDUVILLA® has been installed in the extreme cold of Russia (-50 degrees Fahrenheit) and the extreme heat of Brazil or Malaysia (122+ degrees Fahrenheit) without any issues. It is designed and manufactured to perform well in these temperature extremes.
  • questionDoes the surface color change over time?
    ONDUVILLA will slowly fade over time from exposure to direct sunlight, but will retain its color hue. The color changes are similar to other roofing materials. Our time-tested coloring process and high-quality materials protect the originally chosen hues over the functional life of the material.
  • questionIs ONDUVILLA® covered by a warranty?
    ONDUVILLA is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the material. This means that ONDUVILLA is warranted to be free from material defect for the lifetime of the building to which it is attached. You can obtain a PDF copy of the warranty here.
  • questionWhat is the cost comparison between ONDUVILLA® and other types of roofing?
    There are many different types of roofing materials (e.g., shingles, tiles, and metal panels), which can vary in price. For initial material cost comparison, use the estimate of 3 bundles = a covered square. You should also consider that ONDUVILLA can be installed over existing roofing (no tear-off costs) and is easy to install (reduced labor costs). The overall cost should be very similar to the installed cost of premium or designer shingles.
  • questionMy current roof gets mold or mildew on it. If I use ONDUVILLA®, will I still have mold and/or mildew?
    We use a fungicide and algaecide, Polyphase 663, which fights molds and algae. However, if your roof is in an area where mold and mildew are common problems on the surface of the roof, your ONDUVILLA roof could also be susceptible to these problems. Periodic cleaning with one part chlorine bleach to ten parts water will get rid of most mildew and mold.
  • questionIs ONDUVILLA® a green product?
    ONDUVILLA is a green product and has won numerous awards worldwide. It is made from asphalt (bitumen) and recycled cellulose fiber.

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