ONDUVILLA Installation Guide


Technical Specifications

Length 42 inches
Width 16 inches
Wave Height 1.5 inches
Surface Covered per Shingle 3.33 square feet
Shingles per Square 30 pieces
Weight per Shingle 3.1 lbs.
Weight per Square 90 lbs.


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ONDUVILLA components

Installation Tips

Slope Recommended Slope 3:12 to 10:12; Minimum Slope 2:12
Structure Most standard roof structures; apply over solid decking or up to 1 layer of shingles
Cutting Across corrugation with circular saw; Parallel to corrugation with utility knife
Overlap (Shingles) 3.5 inches. Follow the overlapping guides that are in place on shingles
Overlap (Ridge/Trim) 7 inches
Hips Seal with fillers cut from closure strips or self-adhesive flashing tape; apply universal ridge/trim piece
Valleys Apply a minimum of 28 inches of ice/water shield. Apply 20-inch wide metal flashing. Apply strips of OSB on each side of flashing. Cut shingle to fit valley; push fillers cut from closure strips into each corrugation.

Estimating Guide

Material Quantity
ONDUVILLA Shingles 3 bundles/square
Screws (Shingles) 1 screw per corrugation
Screws (Ridge/Trim) 1 screw per corrugation
Universal Ridge/Trim 32.5 inches of coverage after 7-inch overlap
Closure Strips [Length of eaves + (2x the length of valleys)] ÷ 72 = number of packs of closure strips needed


The owner of the property, onto which ONDUVILLA is installed, is responsible for verification that ONDUVILLA is compliant with state and local regulations and standards that are relevant to the property including but not limited to building codes and building permit requirements. Onduline North America will provide at owner's request all certification information available for ONDUVILLA.